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Why would we pay for your traffic?

Hundreds of marketing and advertising agencies need to visit customer websites from different regions to make sure their ads are displaying properly and check the results of their efforts
These companies pay us for data collected across different regions, while we pay you for using your internet traffic to collect this data. It's a simple win-win-win.

How does it work?

Your Internet Service Provider offers unlimited traffic bundles for a fixed monthly fee. However, there is a catch - most of the time you don't use your traffic and your connection is idle.
You can sell a part of this unused traffic and start earning passive income in four simple steps:

1. Sign up for our service and get an access token
2. Install our app on your device
3. We will be using a tiny part of your Internet connection in our network.
4. Use your account dashboard to track the traffic we used along and the money you earned.

Install TraffMonetizer on your device to turn traffic into money.

The easiest passive income
Internet connection that pays the bills
Let’s face it, you don’t use even 10% of the Internet bandwidth you pay for every month. Our app will help you get these money back and establish a passive, entirely effortless stream of income. Install it now to start monetizing your traffic today!
Completely safe and secure
Our app does not cause any security issues because we only work with pre-qualified businesses operating on a KYC (know your customer) model. It means that every single website accessed through your device passed all the necessary compliance and security checks. Our app will not be sending your traffic to unsafe websites.
Rest assured – your traffic is safe with us.

Maximize your profits


Your location is in-demand

Our customers are ready to pay more for traffic coming from certain locations. Consequently, you can earn more if the location of your device is in a sought-after area.


Your device has lots of IP addresses

You can make more money if your device supports several network interfaces with distinct IP addresses. In a nutshell, the more unique IP addresses your devices have, the more you earn.


You connected several devices

You will maximize your profits by adding all your devices to the network. The more devices TraffMonetizer is installed on, the more profits your devices bring you.


Stay online

Keep your devices online to sell more traffic. Every second your device is connected to the web is another chance to generate more traffic and gain more profits.

How to start earning?

You can start making money in just three simple steps.
1. Sign up here
2. Install TraffMonetizer on your devices
3. Enter the access token from your account dashboard into the apps you installed and start earning!

How to withdraw the money?

You can withdraw the money you made with the following payment systems:

1. USDT TRC20 (Tron Network)
2. Wire transfer (for $1,000+ transfers)

You could easily convert USDT TRC20 to any other crypto or fiat using exchanges like Binance.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $10.
Note that all payouts are processed by request during the 3-5 business days after receiving such request.

Is it legal?

Yes! We comply with all US and EU laws regulations and hold on to our business reputation.
We do not own the traffic generated through your devices. Our compliance team ensures that all traffic destinations undergo a rigorous pre-approval process to guarantee they are safe and secure.

How does TraffMonetizer work?

In short: TraffMonetizer buys traffic from you and sells it to digital marketing and advertising agencies connected to our network.

How will my traffic be used?

There are plenty of use cases that require purchasing traffic, for example:
Ad verification

Competitor Analysis

Brand monitoring

Web scraping

Location-based content access

Price comparison

Is it safe to sell my traffic?

Yes, selling your traffic through TraffMonetizer is safe and secure. You’re selling a small portion of your traffic that couldn’t harm your user experience in any way.
Moreover, all traffic destinations are pre-approved by our team and are 100% legal and compliant with the US and EU regulations.