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Price comparison

If you ever tried and sold anything on the Internet, you would know how competitive it is.  E-commerce stores around the globe are constantly under pressure to offer the highest quality for a competitive price. But how do they know if their price is competitive?

Well, manually checking the prices at a dozen stores for a single product is a daunting task. Now imagine you have a few hundred products and you need to monitor competitor prices every single day. Accomplishing a task like is impossible without web scraping. And web scraping would not be possible without services like Traffmonetizer.

Jamal runs an online diving gear store out of his roomy office in Destin, Florida. He know how important it is to keep a keen eye on the competition.

We got this online store off the ground a couple of years ago. By that time, my partner and I already had some e-commerce experience, so automating price comparison was among the first things we dealt with. Luckily, guys from Traffmonetizer were around and scraping the hell out of the competitors’ product prices was, and still is, as easy pie.

By sharing your traffic with our customers, you can help people like Jamal to stay competitive on a crowded market – while making money from sharing your traffic with them.

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