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A Simple Way to Monetize Free Apps
Imagine you could still make money from all your free users. By integrating our SDK into your app you will maximize your profits without having to change your monetization model.

How does it work?

You spent hundreds of hours building a perfect app. You invested tons of money into user acquisition campaigns and ads. Now you have thousands of people enjoying your product. But how many of them contributed to keeping it afloat? And how can you make people pay for using your app if they wouldn't pay no matter what? With TraffMonetizer you can automatically convert your free users into paid ones. After integrating our SDK your free users will be sharing a tiny portion of their Internet bandwidth with our network (you can adjust the maximum shared traffic in your dashboard) - and we will pay you for this traffic.

Designed for demanding app developers


Effortless integration

Integrate our SDK, enter your unique token ID, and start earning straight away!


Safe and secure traffic

All traffic we buy has destinations pre-approved by our compliance team.


GDPR compliance

We don't collect or store any personal information


On-demand payouts

You can withdraw money on-demand using BTC, Paypal, Skrill, Payeer Wire Transfer.