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Website availability testing

Visiting your favourite website only to find out that it’s down can be, to say the least, frustrating. However, for the owner of this website this can turn into a real problem.

See, when a website is down worldwide, the administrator can easily spot it and turn it back online as fast as possible. But what if the website owner is, say, in Portland, and the website is down everywhere but in Portland?

In fact, for the website owner it can lead to a dramatic loss of money even when a website is unavailable in just one country.

For Thomas, an administrator of an emerging image board, testing the availability of his website in different regions is a daily routine.

We make money from ads targeted on certain regions. When people from one of the regions can’t visit our image board, we loose money. It’s as simple as that. Last year the website was down for a week in India and we lost around $150,000 totally unaware of the issue. I was tasked with making sure it never happens again.

With Traffmonetizer you can sell your internet traffic to a company similar to Thomas’s and help them avoid loosing advertising money. And the best part – you will receive a generous compensation for each megabyte of traffic you share.

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