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Web scraping

Scraping is a web programming technique used to extract information from websites. Web scrapping extracts HTML of a website page, stores it in a database, and can then replicate the content elsewhere.

Web scrapping is heavily used in various industries. For example, search engine bots use craping to rank websites on results pages,  price comparison websites scrape the web to fetch prices and descriptions on products, and so on.

We assist businesses that need to legitimately scrape data from public websites by providing points of connection around the globe, which provided by people willing to share their Internet traffic with us. In turn, we share the money paid by these businesses in exchange for traffic.

To give you an idea, we asked Salima – the CEO of a small marketing consulting firm in Belgium – to share her use case.

Web scrapping is the cornerstone of our business processes. Running website audits for prospects, analysing the performance of ongoing campaigns, undertaking competitor analysis, tracking website rankings, then of course doing marketing research  – and none of it would’ve been possible without scrapping data.

For Salima and thousands of other professionals, using traffic purchased through Traffmonetizer is a cost-effective solution to scrape websites from different regions of the world. And you can capitalize on it too!
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