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Brand protection

Do you know what separates established brands from mediocre companies?

No, it’s not the size of their annual budget, number of customers, or the quality of their product – albeit all that is important too.

First and foremost, established enterprises are constantly under pressure to uphold their reputation and public image. We lost count of how many times brands faced public backlash over ad campaigns this year alone. In most cases, advertisers were forced to pull back their ad campaigns, wasting their marketing budgets and reputation along the way.

The issue can quickly deteriorate if branded ads are shown on dubious websites or appear next to content that general public may find inappropriate.

Alexander, a PR manager working with big and mid-size apparel brands, knows a thing or two about how difficult it is to manage brand reputation on the web.

Large companies are very cautious about where their ads appear. You can get in trouble if an advert pops up on a gambling website, or surrounded by a politically incorrect content. Brands can get canceled overnight for something like that. That’s why it’s extremely important to monitor where, when, and how every advert is shown.

Using tools like Traffmonetizer, brands can monitor their adverts on millions of websites across the web – and they are ready to pay you too. By downloading our app you will share a tiny part of your unused Internet traffic with some of the biggest brands. They want to protect their public image – you need some cash in your wallet. It’s a simple win-win.  Why not help each other?