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Lifting location-based restrictions

Internet was designed to be an open-for-all place where anyone can share information with the rest of the world. However, nowadays numerous websites opt to restrict access to the content in certain countries. And while sometimes it is done for legitimate reasons, this cannot be more frustrating for users in those countries.

Picture this: you flew all the way to a popular holiday destination somewhere in the Carribbeans, fold out your comfy chaise lounge, stretch your back, open up your laptop, and then – when you were just about to visit your favourite travel blog – you get an error message. “This content is unavailable in your country” is surely not the best way to start a holiday, isn’t it?

Yet, the question is, if you ended you on your chaise lounge with a laptop on your knees and only an error screen for entertainment – will you be willing to pay a few cents to someone to get it fixed?

That’s exactly what Rebecca from Brandon, Manitoba opted for. Thanks to a popular VPN solution (Traffmonetizer’s customer) she was able to visit her favourite websites and continue her much-deserved holiday.   

Thanks to a fellow Canadian who shared a piece of their traffic with me, I was able to unblock my favourite travel blog and get the most out of my holiday!

Traffmonetizer provides a platform that helps people access websites blocked in the their location. We bet there are lots of people willing to pay to access websites that are routinely available in your country, but blocked in others.

Join Traffmonetizer now to start making money from helping people access their favourite websites!