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Ad verification

Advertising agencies are overwhelmed with double-checking the ads they run. This isn’t surprising at all – given that each click, or even view of the advert costs them, and consequently their customers, a certain amount of money.

If the ad is paid for, but does not appear where it should in a certain geo location, advertiser is expected to fix it immediately. Therefore, the verification of ads using distributed network is an absolute necessity, and it is often included in the agreement between an advertising firm and its customers.

Every advertiser has some sort of ad verification system in place. Jordan is a senior marketing analyst at one of the largest marketing companies in the US. When we asked her about how much time ad verification would take without buying unused traffic from people, she nervously giggled and replied:     

Where I work it would take a lifetime or two. A normal human being can’t go through billions of ads on millions of websites from around the world. That job is unimaginable without web scraping and access to distributed networks.

Now you know that ad verification is at the very core of the advertising business. What you don’t know yet is how valuable your unused traffic. Get an account with Traffmonetizer to find out.