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Streaming content delivery

You probably know that streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others show country-specific content. For example, tv series that are made for the US market are sometimes not available in India and visa versa.

To unlock the content, viewers search for workarounds and often use VPN services to simulate the connection in a country where desired content is available. In fact, streaming services are the most sought-after websites among the VPN users.

Yaroslav is a product manager at a Ukrainian company that develops VPN solutions. He agreed to shed some light on how challenging it is to unlock a streaming service in certain regions.

Something as simple as watching your favourite movie can turn out a rather big deal if it’s not available in your region. We have users from all around the world, and the vast majority of them need a VPN to access blocked content. In turn, our product leverages Traffmonetizer to buy Internet traffic from all around the world, and then uses this traffic to let our customers access any content regardless of their physical location.

Streaming services plated deep roots into our daily lives. Who doesn’t enjoy that Netflix-and-chill evening on a cozy sofa?

By joining the Traffmonetizer’s network you will help millions of people enjoy their lazy evenings to the fullest, while making money from each megabyte of bandwidth you share with them.

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