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How much money can you make selling on Amazon and other ways of additional income

In today’s society, it’s common to hear people talking about the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. While having a successful career is undoubtedly important, it’s also important to make time for the things that matter outside of work. After all, life is about more than just advancing professionally.

One of the ways to get to such a wanted balance is to switch to freelance.

How much money can you make on Youtube

A few years ago, freelance jobs were considered by mostly students. Today anyone can try to become a blogger. Or if we talk about YouTube – a vlogger. 

Video content is in demand. The most popular videos are starting with “How to…” and you can add the second part of the headline based on what you can do the best. For instance, if you are a content manager, you can share some tips and tricks with the audience for free and then add some paid video calls or lessons. Furthermore, as soon as your channel grows big, you can start monetizing it with ads.

If you already have a channel and ads monetization, you might ask yourself “How much money can I make on Youtube”. Another way to earn on YouTube is to make video reviews for different products, apps, and services. On average, a 3-minute video costs $50-$300. The range depends on the quality of the channel. It should have organic comments, views, and real subscribers. The more quality – the more income.

How much money can you make from stocks

One of the popular income sources is trading. This type of additional income needs some money but mostly for your education. You need to understand the principles of trading, currencies, and trends and be able to see the upcoming changes. 

As soon as you become a great specialist, you may make a fortune on stocks. There are a lot of success stories in this sphere, but behind those stories, there are hard-working people who invested their time, and efforts, lost money, and finally got to success top.

While you are learning how to become a successful stock player, you can start getting your first passive income. What do you need for it? TraffMonetizer app that will monetize unused internet while you are busy understanding differences between trends. The app needs a connection to your internet and that’s all. You learn new things, walk outside, enjoy your time with family and friends while the app converts your internet into money.

How much money can you make writing a book

There are many different ways to earn money online, but some of the most popular and effective methods include freelance work, affiliate marketing, and creating an online course. Freelance work involves taking on short-term projects or tasks for clients, such as writing, web design, or graphic design. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services in exchange for a commission. Creating an online course is also a great way to earn money online, as it involves creating digital content that can be sold to an audience. 

But one of the undervalued ways is becoming a book author. Writing a book might seem like a very hard task. You need time, inspiration, and an understanding of how to make the story. 

The thing is that most modern writers have started with their blogs. Some of the bestselling books are a collection of blog posts. The best part about writing a book is that you can spend 10-15 minutes writing a post. It doesn’t take much time, does it? You can tell about your day, and describe a funny or sad story that happened to you today. Perhaps, you have valuable hints to share. Your life can become a story because each and every life is unique.

How much money can you make owning a car wash or is it worth it to invest offline?

This type of business is considered to be more serious because it involves some investments. On another hand, it has more chances to provide more constant income. Cars will never be unpopular, furthermore, the number of drivers will only grow in the future. 

The car washing business doesn’t depend on stocks or demand of this or that specialty on the market. Cars will always need to be washed. So if you want to consider some offline income, the car wash can be one of the ways to build a successful business.


Earning money online is a great way to supplement your income and can even become a full-time job. Whether you dive into freelancing, create your own products, or start an ecommerce store there are plenty of ways to make money on the internet. The best approach is to find the option that works for you and take the time to learn how it all works. With some dedication and hard work, anyone can earn money online!