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Are you an influencer, blogger, or social media enthusiast looking to earn additional income by monetizing your social media?
Join our affiliate program today and start earning generous commissions by promoting CrocPhoto, the go-to photo editing app with great potential.
1. Register an affiliate account
Signing up for our affiliate program is quick and easy. Simply click the button below to create your account and gain access to our affiliate dashboard.
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2. Log in to your affiliate account
Once registered, log in to your affiliate account to access your personalized dashboard, where you can retrieve your unique affiliate link and track your earnings.
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Your affiliate link is the key to earning commissions. Retrieve your unique link and share it across all your platforms.
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Spread the word about CrocPhoto by sharing your affiliate link across various channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, forums, etc.
5. Earn your comission
For every premium user who subscribes to CrocPhoto after visiting your affiliate link, you’ll earn a lucrative 25% commission from all the premium users that subscribed after visiting your link.

Comprehensive affiliate dashboard

Affiliate dashboard for tracking your earnings
Track the success of your affiliate program on a convenient dashboard.
Referral registrations, payment amounts, and earnings – it has everything you need to keep the money flowing.

Ideas to attract users

  • Insert affiliate link in your Instagram bio
  • Edit photos of celebrities using CrocPhoto
  • Post these edited photos, use the hashtag #crocphoto , hashtag of the celebrity and welcome users to visit the URL from your bio to get the same outstanding photos.
  • Share the affiliate link within your Facebook account
  • Create stories with the edited photos of celebrities, add hashtags of the celebrity (it would allow to get new users from the organic search) and add your unique affiliate link
  • Find the appropriate discussions on Quora
  • Answer questions and include your affiliate link in your responses

What is Crocphoto?

CrocPhoto is the go-to app for resizing images in any size with easy-to-use templates designed for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
With CrocPhoto, users can showcase their creativity across different social media platforms, knowing that images will always look their best.

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